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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Organic SEO & Content Marketing

Time was when SEO was simply a matter of writing up a list of keywords, meta tags, and alt tags and building off-page links from high PR ranking websites. While there is still some value in this approach, Google’s efforts to return truly relevant search results for the user has given rise to an emphasis on Content Marketing, wherein Google (and let’s face it, it’s still about Google, though Bing has made up some ground) gives value, and therefore ranking, to sites whose real content substantively reflects the needs of the user.

Other relevant factors:

Geography - “Long Island Beauty Salon” or “Oceanside NY Beauty Salon” is easier to optimize for than “Salon” alone
Specificity - one must balance the value of long tailed keywords (e.g., “permanent weaves at Oceanside NY hair salon”) with relevance — whether anyone is searching for the long tailed keyword Contact us (link to contact us page) today for a free consultation.

Adwords and Remarketing

While organic SEO is an effective means of drawing views to a site, products such as Google’s Adwords — also known as “pay-per-click” — will guarantee placement — for a price. Adwords is a continuous online keyword auction where bidding determines the website’s placement in search results. Remarking is the presentation of a website to viewers who have already visited that site and typically follows a period of pay-per-click advertising, which serves to build up the list of viewers. Contact us (link to contact us page) today for a free consultation.

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